The revolution that giving you less gives you more.

The big bet for a future of well-being for people and the environment also starts with the choice of sustainable building materials. This is why we have developed a revolutionary technology: large, ultra-thin plates.

Ultra-thin ceramic slabs are the latest generation of a technologically advanced industrial process that transforms natural elements into a product so durable that it is far more long-lasting than all alternatives for coating surfaces.

First in the ceramic industry and as early as 2004, we invested in the development of ultrathin slabs that shorten the distance between us and zero impact because they reduce everything in between.

Our ultrathin slabs. The world’s most sustainable ceramic surface.

Our ultra-thin slabs are born sustainable, but we didn’t stop there.
We’ve worked to reduce the CO2 emissions generated by their production and compensate for residual emissions, as well.
To go beyond. To achieve a zero-impact production, well beyond legal requirements.
This is how we created ultra-thin slabs that compensate for 100% of their CO2 emissions: the world’s most sustainable ceramic surface!

Ultra-thin slabs, the most advanced ceramic tile generation

Backed by more than decades of tradition, Panariagroup’s ultrathin slabs are born sustainable from the earliest stages: starting with the ingredients used to produce them – only water, earth, and fire; the lower water and energy requirements; and the less pollution from transporting the slabs themselves. This is what made them among the most sustainable materials available to designers.

Compared to standard thick tiles, our ultrathin slabs reduce the distance between us and zero impact, reducing everything in between.

the consumption of raw materials

the consumption of water

the consumption of energy

CO2 emissions in the atmosphere

pollution caused by transport

“We are Panariagroup and we like to think big.
To think of a 360° sustainability.
Also thanks to this, each step we take brings
us closer to zero impact.”

Emilio Mussini, Panariagroup Chairman

More than a sustainable product,a sustainable renovation

With Easy, Panariagroup’s certified and patented solution, it’s possible to sustainably renovate spaces, installing our ultra-thin slabs without adhesive, even directly on top of existing materials.

A true contributor to a circular economy in the construction industry.

Our ultra-thin slabs can be removed and installed again in other environments, thus saving on costs, and avoiding the inconvenience of a demolition. And at the end of their life cycle, they can be recycled entirely as substrate in building or road projects, or easily disposed of like any other inert material.

Responsibility is also health and safety within environments

We process inert and non-toxic natural raw materials. This is the great advantage of ceramic. But we didn’t stop there. The Panariagroup Research Center with the industry leader in antibacterial technologies, Microban®, has developed the integrated technology Protect® – Antibacterial for life.

A true antimicrobial shield that is incorporated within the ceramic product, eliminating up to 99.9% of bacteria from surfaces. The result is a surface that is constantly protected, offering outstanding hygienic performance which is resistant to wear and to changing climate conditions.

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